9 thoughts on “Travian Builder – android 3.32”

        1. It is a bad translation, I mean you upgrade to a higher version of android or change the phone by a more modern one that supports superior versions of android

  1. Hello voidsun, first thank your work and effort

    Version 3.30, after it has been reinstalled several times … the market does not work, when you select host village, when you put the amount of materials, it blocks and restarts BT, only accepts when you select smart sending.

    also appear two BT icons at the top of the screen, and I only have a BT installed

    (Android 7.0, samsung galaxy A5 2016)

  2. Hello Voidsun, 12 days ago that I posted the market failure note in version 3.30, which gives 3 different Android devices (5,6 y7)
    I do not know if other players play TB
    summarizing … if I use the market TB is blocked and restarted
    I also wrote you an email
    I want to play a server with the new races and use the agents
    Could you give me some solution ?, I tried everything I could
    Someone is using version 3.30 and it works perfectly ?, you get two icons up on the TB screen even if it is only one is executed ?, does the market work?
    greetings to all 😉
      data .. nobody writes on this web? .. is there another website where you are all users of TB?
    Is there another BOT?
    It’s strange that nobody writes in days ….

    1. Hello friend, does the version 3.30 work for you? .. does not give you error in the market when choosing the amount of materials? .. because it blocks me and restarts the program.
      what version of android do you have?
      do not you get two icons up on the screen instead of one?
      to see if among us we can help us because voidsun does not give signs of life

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