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        1. It is a bad translation, I mean you upgrade to a higher version of android or change the phone by a more modern one that supports superior versions of android

  1. Hello voidsun, first thank your work and effort

    Version 3.30, after it has been reinstalled several times … the market does not work, when you select host village, when you put the amount of materials, it blocks and restarts BT, only accepts when you select smart sending.

    also appear two BT icons at the top of the screen, and I only have a BT installed

    (Android 7.0, samsung galaxy A5 2016)

  2. It says The new version is available, download it, but when I download latest one here(3.30) and reinstall it it keeps poping that message up. Bot wont work and message wont go away until I uninstall the bot
    pls fix that

  3. In version 3.30, after it has been reinstalled several times raid in farm list not work
    samsung note 3 , android version 5.0 .

  4. unfortunately it does not work. overnight collapsed. none of the versions are good on the following phones:
    Samsung S4, Alcatel Idol 3, huawei P9 lite (2017)

  5. Does this builder use npc resource trade if I set it to instantly build my resource fields? Like if my 15c produces 20k crop/hr does it npc that crop to wood clay and iron once the warehouse is full and then builds the resource field?

  6. Hello Voidsun, 12 days ago that I posted the market failure note in version 3.30, which gives 3 different Android devices (5,6 y7)
    I do not know if other players play TB
    summarizing … if I use the market TB is blocked and restarted
    I also wrote you an email
    I want to play a server with the new races and use the agents
    Could you give me some solution ?, I tried everything I could
    Someone is using version 3.30 and it works perfectly ?, you get two icons up on the TB screen even if it is only one is executed ?, does the market work?
    greetings to all 😉
      data .. nobody writes on this web? .. is there another website where you are all users of TB?
    Is there another BOT?
    It’s strange that nobody writes in days ….

    1. Reply to your post dated 2017年10月7日 at pm5:42

      I have also changed 2 different Android devices (LG G4, Samsung Note 4)
      The market TB is blocked and restarted
      I also wrote an email to voidsun, but I still not get the reply.

      the version 3.30 and the market function is not works .

    1. Hello friend, does the version 3.30 work for you? .. does not give you error in the market when choosing the amount of materials? .. because it blocks me and restarts the program.
      what version of android do you have?
      do not you get two icons up on the screen instead of one?
      to see if among us we can help us because voidsun does not give signs of life

  7. Hi, what is happening with bot ? TB doesnt work anymore, it is stuck in get account information. Voidsun, can you pls help ? Android 4.3
    Thanks bro!

    1. It does not connect with the server, it stays in a yellow ball.

      I installed it several times

      Does it work for you without problems? What version of android do you have?

  8. The market still does not work well.
    If you put limits of subjects to send, it warns you that there are not enough subjects (although there is plenty).
    If for some reason there are no cars to follow the shipping times, it warns you that there are no cars, and no longer updates, so the cars come back, they are in the village, but they do not recognize it, you have to delete the orders and return them to write, to recognize the cars

    if it works, if you do not put limits on the subjects to send, but that is problematic.
    If you select smart shipping, it does not matter how many cars you select, the bot sends all, and that’s also wrong

    Tested 3.34 and 3.36

  9. Voidsun, the market still does not work in the bversion 3.37 🙁

    It also does not work to destroy buildings from the main building, marks the building to be destroyed and appears in the list of tasks, with an hour that does not coincide with the real time of the system, in some cases several hours of delay, when it is normal to mark the When you are going to do it, that is to say the same one you are ordering, this error is also happening since several versions of TB

  10. Hello voidsun, the market has not been working for several updates yet, it’s driving me crazy … it does not respect the limits of merchandise, it does not respect the capacities of stores and granaries, it does not update, as it never has any material to send, it notifies you there is enough merchandise and it does not update … you have to delete the order and write it again
    if there are no merchants, for shipping, it warns you, but when they return from travel and there are merchants … as it does not update … it does not recognize that there are merchants available.

    only works smart shipping, but you can only control the merchants you send and do not control how much of each subject you want to send.

    when you select custom shipping, if by mistake you do not remove the “with timer” selection, the app is blocked and restarted, I think it is motivated because the maximum interval is empty by default, you have set a minimum interval of 10 minutes, but the maximum interval you have left empty
    it would be helpful, by default put some number of time, to prevent it from closing by mistake and delete all the orders that you have done previously.

    I have not written all this before because I thought you were going to fix it

    every time you see less on the page … everything is fine?

    As Princess LEIA said to OWI WAN KENOBI … “You are my only hope”;)


    What is Special Refresh for?
    I do not understand “set less refresh time, get coming attack in time”… I do not know how to use this function

  11. Hello Voidsun, the markets in the TB versions have not worked for several weeks.

    You have even updated TB and it still does not work …

    If there is no update … the bot will still not work.

    As the market does not update, orders must be changed continuously

    In addition the limits in% of shipment are wrong .. as you establish a limit of shipment, it does not send anything, it notifies you that you have exceeded the limit, although the village that receives the materials has empty warehouses and the village that sends the materials has the 100% full stores.

    I’ve written several times even by private, is to thank the hard work you do to maintain the TB, but lately, just appear on the web, you told me that you did not abandon the project even that there would be a new website

    The days pass and there are no changes .. not even updates of failures in the TB 🙁

    My last message is from one week ago … if there is a big failure … goodbye TB because there is no one to repair it. the first message warning that the market did not work is from 11/15/17 … more than a month ago.
    Maybe that problem has no solution?

    Some user knows some other bot of travian? … it is not that he wants to change, much less … it is only in case this stops working all … as Voidsun does not appear … at least there is another alternative


  12. The bot works well if you only have few villages. Only when my villages reached to 10+ then there’s many issues come up. I hope that voidsun will look into it..

  13. Pls update this bot pls. Cant login anymore particularly in usx server. They released an update which added many features.

  14. effectively .. do not log in … reinstalled several times .. tb does not connect to the server..voidsun almost 2 months ago that it does not answer anything … if someone can connect with it, do it

  15. someone knows how to contact voidsun? I have sent several mails and do not answer
    Only he can fix this

    if someone manages to login … that says how

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