Travian Builder – Windows

New test version for new tribes:

5.54 [2017/10/16]

fix crash in military and add trade route function.

old version:


Release notes:

1.fixed the crashes.

Issue report,please use this template:
android version: 
Travian server:
Travian tribe:
TB log(better):

27 thoughts on “Travian Builder – Windows”

    1. android version: it work on android it does not work on windows10
      Travian server:
      Travian tribe:Teuton
      TB log(better):

  1. why always close after i login my account at travian server and after the program run finish to read my account data.

  2. Hello I`m wondering why the bot is not working properly, most time not raiding not sending resourses and not even building or continuos attacking on a target so basically not working for most of the time… any reason why? Is it me is it the bot?

    1. Please give below information.
      Issue report,please use this template:
      android version:
      Travian server:
      Travian tribe:
      TB log(better):

  3. Всем добра!
    Не поймите превратно, если не по теме, но это насущно для меня.
    Видела сообщение тут человек искал где диплом купить – прошу поделиться информацией, если нашли.
    Напишите мне в лс или на почту, тоже сильно нужно купить диплом и срочно !

  4. auto train doesn’t work in my village 08.
    version : win version 5.43
    server: tw1
    tribe: gaul
    08/18 09:31:59–兵营 of village 08. refresh date 1970-01-01 08:01:40
    08/18 09:31:59–myid AddCommand RefreshCommand
    08/18 09:32:02–更新村庄 08. 的 兵营
    08/18 09:32:09–myid Remove pending Cmd RefreshCommand

  5. Специально для Светланы и всем кому интересна тема приобретения документа неофициальным путём!
    Тут одна девушка по имени Светлана, ник кажется Svetakrsvca интересовалась “Где купить диплом?” – подсказываю!

    Вот проверенный сайт, где лично уже покупал диплом – купить диплом Москва

  6. This version does not seem to work.
    Then log in then the 2 minute pause, then login again then pause again and so on, infinitely.
    In the log file there are 8h of alternation between login and rest every 2 minutes

  7. Not working at all. Open TB, it logs then crashes and closes the program.

    version : win version 5.45 or 5.43
    tribe: Romans

  8. Some reports :
    In the attack tab, when a village disapear all the list is blocked, can you make something to prevent that if the attack can’t be sent pause it and go to the next target ?

    How work the farm list tab? nothing happens when i want to import from attack list

    How work the map tab ? the “search innactive’ stay uncatchable … can’t do nothing on this tab

    For the other parts your bot is awesome, thanks for your work

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