Travian Builder5.60 – Windows

New test version for new tribes:


URL is fixed

fix bug that can not build

fix crash in military and add trade route function.

Release notes:

1.fixed the crashes.

Issue report,please use this template:
android version: 
Travian server:
Travian tribe:
TB log(better):

40 thoughts on “Travian Builder5.60 – Windows”

    1. android version: it work on android it does not work on windows10
      Travian server:
      Travian tribe:Teuton
      TB log(better):

  1. why always close after i login my account at travian server and after the program run finish to read my account data.

  2. Hello I`m wondering why the bot is not working properly, most time not raiding not sending resourses and not even building or continuos attacking on a target so basically not working for most of the time… any reason why? Is it me is it the bot?

    1. Please give below information.
      Issue report,please use this template:
      android version:
      Travian server:
      Travian tribe:
      TB log(better):

  3. Всем добра!
    Не поймите превратно, если не по теме, но это насущно для меня.
    Видела сообщение тут человек искал где диплом купить – прошу поделиться информацией, если нашли.
    Напишите мне в лс или на почту, тоже сильно нужно купить диплом и срочно !

  4. auto train doesn’t work in my village 08.
    version : win version 5.43
    server: tw1
    tribe: gaul
    08/18 09:31:59–兵营 of village 08. refresh date 1970-01-01 08:01:40
    08/18 09:31:59–myid AddCommand RefreshCommand
    08/18 09:32:02–更新村庄 08. 的 兵营
    08/18 09:32:09–myid Remove pending Cmd RefreshCommand

  5. Специально для Светланы и всем кому интересна тема приобретения документа неофициальным путём!
    Тут одна девушка по имени Светлана, ник кажется Svetakrsvca интересовалась “Где купить диплом?” – подсказываю!

    Вот проверенный сайт, где лично уже покупал диплом – купить диплом Москва

  6. This version does not seem to work.
    Then log in then the 2 minute pause, then login again then pause again and so on, infinitely.
    In the log file there are 8h of alternation between login and rest every 2 minutes

  7. Not working at all. Open TB, it logs then crashes and closes the program.

    version : win version 5.45 or 5.43
    tribe: Romans

  8. Some reports :
    In the attack tab, when a village disapear all the list is blocked, can you make something to prevent that if the attack can’t be sent pause it and go to the next target ?

    How work the farm list tab? nothing happens when i want to import from attack list

    How work the map tab ? the “search innactive’ stay uncatchable … can’t do nothing on this tab

    For the other parts your bot is awesome, thanks for your work

  9. When i remove farm from farm list, and then click on “Read farm list” bot doesnt delete removed farm from the bot list. Can this be solved? Also, it doesnt scan the second or third list.

  10. android version: Desktop Vers. Windows 10
    Travian server:
    Travian tribe: Egypt (NEW TRIBE)

    The Bot Chrashes every time you start the farm list. every thing else seems to worke (we only use it for farming)
    Appearse only on the new server with the new tribes!

    Pleeease fix it !!! We need the farm income really baaaad 😀

  11. Tribes in attack mode and farm list mode are Gaul while my tribe is teuton. Teuton is recognized all over the program besides those two quite important features. The farm list CRASHES the program after starting it, most likely because the tribes are not the same. Any fix/idea ? Will it be fixed next update ?

    Version 5.47
    Windows 10
    October 3rd, 2017

  12. Today the windows app just stop working… it appear to log but does nothing, on just after the site went down for a maintance

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