Travian Builder – android

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Release notes:

1.fix the empire notification.

Issue report,please use this template:
android version: 
Travian server:
Travian tribe:
TB log(better):


21 thoughts on “Travian Builder – android”

  1. Why the Tr of android app just only login with one id at ?

    And the 2nd ID cant login.

    Please help to fix it

    Many Thanks

  2. Issue report,please use this template:
    android version: 5.1.1
    Travian server: (Tournamente 2017 GROUP B)
    Travian tribe: Gaul
    TB log(better): It stopped running after travian switching from HTTP to HTTPS connection.

  3. android version: kitkat
    Travian server:
    Travian tribe: gaul
    TB log(better):
    Just keep on switching to village to village ,updating village swicht to another village , updating resources then switch to other village

    Not doing the task

    Reinstalled tb and still not working

    Thanks in advance
    This apps makes my life easier before

  4. Hello Voidsun, how’s it going?What happened to the old website?
    I just wanted to tell you that Tb does not work with the new servers with Egyptians and HunsStart TB, does not recognize the race I play, and instantly turns itself off.Let me know and attack my village, but if I play any key … it closes alone 🙁
    You think that you could fix that ?, because I think that Tavian is going to change the servers in brief
    Greetings and best wishes for your work

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